FAQ – Authors/Publisher

Before booking a Tour

Q: What kind of genres do you promote?

We have a variety of bloggers that are interested in many different fiction genres, including YA, MG, Paranormal, Mystery & Suspense, Romance, Fantasy, etc!! Just drop us a mail and we will see if we think we will manage to create a successful tour with your book.

Q: I’m self published, is that a concern?

No!  We will go on tour with any book where we think our hosts will be interested in. We know many brilliant Indie and self published authors(and are enormous fans of several ourselves). Our main goal when selecting a book to tour is to create a successful tour.  We welcome the opportunity to work with authors and publishers from all ends of the publishing spectrum.

Q: I want to promote my book, but I won’t have time for guest posts, can you do a tour without my involvement?

Yes, of course we can do this! We want your tour to be something you enjoy and if guest posts are not on the table, we understand this. There is also special content that we can help develop that requires minimal input from authors (interviews with other people involved in bringing your book to publication, playlist posts, etc.). But all review tours are definitely an option. We’re happy to work with you to make your tour a success with whatever level of special content input you’re comfortable with.

Q: I’m an author and I can only provide one copy, can you pass it along between the hosts?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the compact nature of our tours (posts every week day for two to three weeks), we require a review copy for each blogger in advance.

Q: ARCs are really expensive and I only have a limited number.  Do you do tours without ARCs?

Of course!  We can create a tour and provide our hosts with eCopies, finished copies, ARCs, pretty much any version of your book that you’d provide for review. Many of our hosts have eReaders as well and happily accept eCopies.


Q: The book I’m interested in touring has already been published.  Do you tour books that are not just about to be published?

Certainly!  When a book is about to be released, we like to schedule a tour around the release date to help build up the buzz.  But we are more than happy to tour your book regardless of it’s publishing date.


Q: Do you make sure that every tour host will love my book?

This is an important question! And your book is as important to us as it is to you.  Each blogger is hand-selected and tour hosts sign up because they have a sincere interest in your book. However, we can not guarantee that each blogger will love your book equally. Bloggers can step back if they feel uncomfortable promoting your book, but this is something we force the bloggers to do. However, we work hard to get to know our tour hosts well before they go on tour with us and we are sure they will, at the minimum, provide a professional review.

Q: I love the idea of doing a give-away, but I’d rather create a prize pack on my own.  Is that an option?

Yes!  We are open to working with you on any sort of prize configuration that meets your needs.  Drop us a note and we’d be happy to brainstorm this with you.



During the Tour

Q: Can I influence which bloggers will be in my Tour?

Of course, if you have a certain blogger you wish to include please let us know and we can work with them to assign them a stop on the tour.   On the other hand, we have a huge list of bloggers that are already approved as tour hosts and we’re happy to find just the right tour hosts for your book if you’d rather leave that to us.

Q: How much time do I have to expect to work on this tour?

This is really up to you.  Prior to the tour, if you agreed to provide guest posts, interviews or other special content, obviously you would need to spend whatever amount of time is necessary to generate them. We also appreciate the time you need to spend communicating with us as we put your tour together and we work to keep that minimized.

During the tour itself, there’s little that you would have to do.  If you were interested in checking out the tour stops and leave a comment, that would be fantastic. Interacting with the bloggers and readers is something that can genuinely help increase the success and the feel of the tour.  Also tweeting about the daily posts or sharing news of the tour on your website/other social media venues would be wonderful, but that’s entirely up to you.

Q: When will I be invoiced for the costs of the tour?

Once the tour has been fully constructed, tour hosts and dates selected and your tour page has been launched, we will invoice you for the first half of your tour costs.  At the completion of the tour, we will invoice you for the remaining half.  Any additional costs (e.g. extra GelaSkins to give away at tour stops) will be invoiced separately unless other arrangements are made in advance.

We are willing to invoice for the full amount up front if that works better for your bookkeeping.

We accept all major credit cards (via PayPal), corporate check or cashiers check, for your convenience.

Q: What is your refund policy?

Our number one goal is to ensure customer satisfaction.  That is why we create your tour prior to invoicing to ensure that our services will meet your needs.  Because all of our work is done prior to billing, it is our policy not to give refunds.

After the Tour

Q: How are winners announce if I select a contest driven tour?

This is up to the author or publisher who books the tour.  Normally, winners are announced on the author’s/publisher’s site, but we of course will publish the link to your post via all the normal social media venues.  If you prefer, we can make the announcement via your tour page hosted on our server.

Q: How are prizes distributed?

This depends on what type of prize was offered on the tour.  If it was a customized prize that was created for you by Kismet Book Touring, we will ensure shipping to the winner(s).  If you have opted to offer a prize pack of your own creation, we will provide you with the winner’s shipping address so that you may ship that out directly.