The Team

About Us


Kismet Book Touring was founded in the beginning of 2011 by Heather and Danny to offer affordable and fun blog tours.  Kismet BT’s goal is to foster that magic moment that happens between authors and bloggers when they connect over an amazing book.  Our combined experience allows us to create that moment for both our customers and affiliates. In 2014  Heather decided to leave Kismet and Jenny Zemanek joined the Team!

Danny Meilinger

Danny began blogging in 2008 and since then has made a name for herself not only with the content she creates on her blogs but was well know for creating unique Blog Designs.   In 2010 she decided to launch a book review site, Bewitched Bookworms, and has enjoyed interacting with both her readers and others in the book blogging community.

As a voracious reader, she will often delve into pre-released books and is a huge fan of building the buzz about such novels before they release.  She frequently falls in love with fictional leading men (much to the bemusement of her husband) and adores sharing her passion for well written characters with her friends on Bewitched Bookworms as well as other book review sites.

While she adores living in Germany (she is a native German) it does prevent her from getting to see authors and her co-bloggers as much as she would like, and she occasionally travels to the US for just that purpose.  She is thrilled to be launching Kismet Book Touring, an initiative that combines her many creative and intellectual skills, and looks forward to working more closely with authors and bloggers to foster that magic moment that happens when the right book falls into the hands of the right person.


Jenny Zemanek

Jenny started her book review blog Supernatural Snark in 2010, compelled by a love of talking about books to find a larger community of book lovers to chat with beyond her amazing family who, though insanely supportive of her obsessive reading habit, didn’t necessarily want to discuss fictional boys every waking moment. Such a shame. Within weeks of starting the blog however, Jenny discovered a hugely welcoming community of people who loved reading and fangirling over books as much as she did, with each day since then bringing new friends, new books, and new authors to her attention, and she simply couldn’t be more thankful.

Running Supernatural Snark also introduced her to both Danny and Heather of Bewitched Bookworms, a valued friendship forming instantly as they began growing and promoting their blogs. Jenny has been a participant in many a tour through Kismet Book Touring since Danny and Heather started the company, and she is now both honored and excited to be a part of the team on the business side of things. She brings with her both design and marketing experience as the owner and operator of a small design studio, something she can’t wait to use in conjunction with her years of blogging to help Kismet Book Touring continue to provide successful and creative promotional tours.


Heather Bannon

Heather has been blogging for nearly five years in one form or another.  In early 2010 she was approached to join some online friends in founding a book review blog, Bewitched Bookworms, where she still blogs under the name One Pushy Fox (or just Pushy for short).  As a life long lover of books, working on Bewitched Bookworms has been an unending source of joy.  She loves helping her readers find new books to add to their TBR piles and helping authors reach ever more readers. Along with Danny, she has been part of designing several contests and other book and blog promotions on Bewitched Bookworms and discovered that she not only had a talent for promotions but truly loved it.  Hence her desire to start a company like Kismet Book Touring was born.