Chakra Bracelet Benefits That Would Blow Your Mind

The benefit of the Chakra Bracelets is achieved due to the fact that it contains useful natural stones, whose energy leads to recharging and harmonization of the chakras. Also, such energy bracelets are widely used in alternative medicine as a healing tool. Chakras are centers of accumulation of vital energy, which, if used properly, help a person to be healthy, to live in harmony with him and with the whole world. In addition to looking good on bracelets, it keeps you healthy.

The bracelet also contains stones from volcanic lava. Since ancient times, the lava stone is considered the Child of the Earth. Coming from the very heart of the planet, it carries a continuous and endless stream of life. By acting on the body, it strengthens the immune system and relaxes areas of stronger tension, relieving stress. If you want to strengthen the immune system of your friends, give chakra bracelet as gift for stronger friendship.

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The owners of this bracelet live in harmony with their inner I, they feel the body and its needs better. Easier to carry the load. According to Indian philosophy, a lava stone affects the first chakra, increasing life potential and tempering character.

Volcanic lava combined the forces of four elements. Decorations from it become strong amulets, saving energy and a positive attitude. The owner miraculously has the strength to achieve his goals. The mineral supports him in everything. Chakras are bunches of vital energy that, when properly functioning, help a person to be healthy, to live in harmony with himself and with the whole World. Each chakra has its own color and is responsible for a specific organ in the human body.

If the chakra is blocked and insufficiently supplied with energy, then this leads to physiological and mental problems. The energy balance in the body is disturbed, general malaise, weakness, and diseases appear.

People use Chakra – a bracelet for health purposes for many centuries.

The bracelet on the thread or elastic band 7 Chakras specially made for maximum feeding of each of the seven energy centers of man. Thus, the opening of channels of all feelings and desires is stimulated, the body’s resistance to various diseases increases, and emotional and physical conditions are improved.

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Stones-beads used in bracelets can be of different sizes. Large beads, better in cases where a person needs healing from a disease that has already struck him. They are also effective in curing alcoholism or smoking, and help alleviate various types of pain. A bracelet with small stones is more suitable for preventive purposes when you just need to maintain energy or create a protective field for a person’s aura. Working bracelet 7 Chakras is quite simple. Bracelet 7 chakras pulls negative energy from a person and keeps it in itself. Then the positive energy in each stone bead neutralizes the negative energy, gradually healing the person.

When buying a Chakra bracelet, it is important to remember that there must be stones of certain colors like purple or white, blue, light blue, green or pink, yellow, orange or red. These colors correspond to the colors of the chakras.

Chakra bracelet is a universal decoration that affects all the chakras, so it can be worn constantly. If you wear a bracelet on your left hand the impact of the stone will be directed to the person himself if the right hand is on the people around him. The stones are perfectly combined with each other, bringing the energy of the person who wears the bracelet into absolute balance. Fill with harmony, stabilize chakra opening.

The chakra bracelet has been used for health purposes for many centuries. It consists of seven stones, each of which is a specific chakra of the human body, crown (sahasrara), the area in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows (ajna), throat (vishudha), heart (anahata), solar plexus (manipura), lower abdomen (swadhisthana) and the base of the spine (muladhara). From the point of view of anatomy, these points are not important, but from the point of view of bio-energy, their importance is very difficult to overestimate.

Stones in the bracelet:

The base is rose quartz and 7 stones according to the colors of the chakras:

  1. Red coral attracts luck and enhances the power of foresight, a beneficial effect on the mental state and the ability to think logically.
  2. Orange Aventurine Golden sand a sparkling source of joy improves mood, increases sensuality and sharpens emotions. It can be a source of inspiration for creative individuals.
  3. Yellow Tiger’s eye is considered an excellent way to restore the body after heavy operations. In some countries, healers recommend wearing tiger-eye jewelry to prevent disease.
  4. Green Onyx in luchshaet work of almost all internal organs, particularly beneficial impact produces on the kidneys and liver, strengthens the spine, relieves meteodependent people. Onyx is also considered a good remedy for the treatment of emotional wounds, nervous diseases and depression. Kills pain, sharpens hearing, and strengthens memory.
  5. Blue aqua marine gives courage, maintains the unity of the spouses. In ancient times, they believed that he was able to ensure safety in traveling and victory in sea battles. Aquamarine is also used in seasickness. Aquamarine is able to relieve toothache, pain in the stomach and liver. If you look at it for a long time, it improves your eyesight. It helps with the breakdown of the nervous system and arousal, contributes to the conclusion of excess fluid from the body. Strengthens the spirit, makes it possible to expose frauds.
  6. Blue lapis lazuli normalizes eyesight, lowers blood pressure, eliminates nervous tension, and brings happy dreams. Pregnant women are recommended to wear lapis lazuli jewelry in order to get rid of the danger of miscarriage. Lapis lazuli also helps in getting rid of toxicities, normalization of the menstrual cycle, prevention of inflammation of the female organs. Purifies the soul from base thoughts, directs aspirations to spiritual heights. Only true friends can bestow close lapis lazuli: a stone does not accept insincerity. Wearing laurite jewelry can give person happiness in material wealth, business success, gaming luck, or mutual love but only one of four things.
  7. Violet Amethyst of all the quartz, amethyst is the most beautiful and valuable. The stone of harmony and relaxation is of great importance for those who wish to settle conflicts, promises undying feelings, happiness, mutual understanding and a cloudless family life. Able to protect from addiction and alcoholism, save memory, ward off evil thoughts and send happy dreams.